Sunday, 9 July 2017

Road Map (RM) 3 - Further RMs...

(Published in the context of my candidacy for seeking the office of NRNA NZ 2017-19)
Picking up from the PS of my last post -
My candidacy is a journey. Further road maps to be continued...
In the spirit of making NRNA NZ an organisation for all, further road maps (RMs) will address the following-
- How do we address the matters related to our people who are living in the regions outside the major cities such as Auckland, Christchurch and Tauranga? Such as those who are toiling hard by working long hours in the remote locations in the farms of the Canterbury plains and orchards of Bay of Plenty.
- What can we do and how could we support our business owners to achieve their business goals and that to realise the dream of prosperity utilising the existing support, facilities and networking opportunities provided by the NZ Government (both local government and central government). Such as ATEED MBIE
- How can NRNA NZ establish, maintain and improve constructive relationship with other Nepali organisations so that there is a united front among all Nepali in NZ and that there is cooperation rather than competition?
- What and how can NRNA NZ play a positive role in terms of representing Nepal and Nepali interest in New Zealand in the public and government domains so that our presence is taken seriously by other ethnic communities and the authorities?
- How could we advance and promote NZ-wide (possibly beyond?) sports and cultural events and contests involving the youth and rest of the section of the Nepali community in NZ?
- Despite the fact that the Bhutanese Nepali are not technically part of NRNA NZ, my team would look into how could we support and help our friends to better settle in a new country.
If you want to be part of my team or are willing to support us in our campaign for the office of NRNA NZ 2017-19, please PM us today. Thank you for your interest and continual support.

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