Sunday, 16 July 2017

Road Map 4 (RM 4) - NRNA NZ functions

(Published in the context of my candidacy for seeking the office of NRNA NZ 2017-19)

Work in progress...

1) Nepali transliteration of the Road Map (RM)

2) How do I plan to manage the organisational operation of the NCC of NRNA NZ so that it functions and delivers efficiently and effectively on the Road Maps I have proposed?
a) the entire team of 22 members NRNA NZ will be responsible for leading; the President will assume accountability on behalf of the team;
b) governance and management functions will be clearly defined so that the team members of the NRNA NZ and the general Nepali diaspora of NZ are aware of who does what;
c) functions will be devolved and decentralised to committees and sub-committees.

I'll elaborate on the above shortly...

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