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Ashburton, 2 August 2017, around 5PM. For the first time in my campaign trail, I saw someone's eyes filled with tears because of me. Because of my writing, to be precise. Yes, you guys are right - I should be careful what I write.

It was a kick in the guts. NEPAL (psuedo name) ji picked up no.3 in my one page road map titled, "गैरआवासीय नेपाली संघ न्यु जील्याण्ड लाई न्यु जील्याण्ड मा प्रवासमा रहनु भएका सबै नेपालीको साझा संस्था बनाउने अभियानको लक्षमा पुर्याउने १० खुड्किला" NEPAL ji repeatedly (at least three times) said that they liked point no. 3 in the road map. Comes out no. 3 happened to align with the frequency of what NEPAL ji was going through in life as an immigrant in NZ. 
(See screen shot of no.3 with this post. I have not disclosed the real name to protect NEPAL ji's identity. I will reveal the identity only after their kind permission, if they agree to do so)

In response to NEPAL ji's request to elaborate no.3, I said that I was a student and a new migrant myself a few years ago, and I knew what it meant to be in their shoes. I also made it clear that the subject matter is something very close to my heart and I genuinely want to do something to help the students and the new comers.

I pretended I did not see NEPAL ji's eyes filled with tears. I almost lost it there and then. Almost. It was so so close. Realised for the first time that I have now lost my liberty to be "soft". I had no other choice than to pretend that I did not see NEPAL ji's eyes filled with tears. We delved into other topics and the ambience gradually became less intense. 

This seemingly benign incident rattled me. It hit me hard and brought home the gravity of the journey I have embarked upon. The sense of responsibility and the weight of need to deliver almost crushed me there and then. 

For me, since 5PM yesterday, the campaign entered into whole another level. To justify the gravity of the situation we have in our hands, I declare here and now that, if the campaign of "The Change Agenda" is successful, we will hold THE FIRST NATIONAL CONVENTION OF NRNA NZ 2018. Wait for this - it will be held in a beautiful location somewhere in the South Island. Details of the nuts and bolts of this FIRST CONVENTION will be worked out in consultation with the members of the NRNA NZ members and the wider Nepali community in NZ. For now, seven hints of the FIRST CONVENTION below, subject to improvements:

1. This will indeed be the FIRST convention 
(FYI, 7th national convention of NRNA Australia took place in Brisbane on 22 July 2017; the institutional knowledge of organising such convention lies across the Tasman where I personally happen to have excellent allies).

2. There would be representation of NRNA NZ members from all over NZ to discuss our local issues and to find local solutions to our domestic issues. 

3. Our global network colleagues from the ICC will be invited for their global perspective and international flavour.

4. A closed session (most probably the 22 NCC members) will devise NRNA NZ's short, medium and long term strategies based on our strength, weakness, opportunities and threat (SWOT). This will be facilitated by a management expert.

5. We will hold function(s) to celebrate success of our community members of all age and background so that others could be motivated.

6. We will invite dignitaries from NZ authorities to showcase that we are capable of holding top class quality function(s)/event(s). We will send a loud and clear message that Nepali community in NZ is now a large community that shall be considered with appropriate respect and recognition.

7. There would indeed be quality time with friends and family, including our own local food and entertainment.

There was another matter raised by a good friend (again, I will reveal identity only on their permission) of mine at the Riccarton School hall on 1 August about lack of institutionalisation of the knowledge in NRNA NZ.

It is my strong belief and gut feeling that we would have taken a step in the right direction if we listened to each other in the FIRST CONVENTION and took appropriate actions to deliver on the outcomes and directions from our discussion.


(Special thanks to the following generous souls who took care of the essential things of my stay in the Garden City between 31 July to 2 August:

- Everyone who took their time to meet with us despite your busy schedule. Without your willingness to talk to us, this visit would not have made sense.

- Ashok Kumar Shrestha and Sirjana Shrestha for hosting me. Sirjana bhauju, I am always impressed with your "impulsive" guest reception skills :)

- Rajesh Dhakal and Shalu Dhakal for hosting me. Rajesh dai, your intellectuality is something I will always aspire to achieve in life. Shalu bhauju your "presence" is so powerful; you don't have to say much. I hope you two are having good time in the warmer weather in Europe.

- Jitendra Bothara and Roshit Bothara for the breakfast and a cracker intellectual conversation early in the morning on 2 August. I am flabbergastedly impressed with the good work you continue to do. We shall explore more...

- Amit Bhandari for everything and literally being my shadow throughout my stay. Shristy Sapkota Bhandari, thanks for bringing back my childhood memories with the dinner in kaas to thaal

- Deepak Pandey, Bishal Sapkota - thanks for adding some joy through your "boy racing" skills. Drive Safe is all I want to say. I am impressed with your energy and network. Super top class leadership quality you have.

- Pradip Rupakheti - the tall and handsome man with long moustache. I'd love to uncover more about the layers of your mystery. Until we meet again next time...

- Suman Poudel - for organising the Ashburton meeting in such a short notice.

- Shanta Gyaba Lama and ThreeAngelsmum Lama for hosting our Ashburton meeting. Bhauju the "lamb" pies were awesome :). Thank you Dipendra ji, Parajuli ji and Gyan ji for taking time to meet us in Ashburton.

Any omissions are my error in judgement.)

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