Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Inevitable Critical Mass of Political Change in Nepal

(Version published in 28 March 2013

With the ongoing political developments, election in Nepal is now a matter of time. Sooner or later, voters of this nation will once again cast a vote for a fresh mandate to govern the nation. If the recent polls are any indication, this time around there is plenty of signs that the outcome of the election might be different from those in the past. From general observation and the polls, it is as clear as the daylight that people have completely lost trust in any of the existing political parties and politicians. This has opened up ample space for a brand new political force. The critical mass for such a political force has been long brewing.

“Critical mass” is a socio-dynamic term to describe the existence of sufficient momentum in a social system such that the momentum becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth.

Our critical mass has already begun. The people of Nepal are, sooner or later, on their way to witness a change that will enable every citizen and every child to be born in the future to realize their full potential in life. Look around you. You will see, feel and taste it!

The Wind of Change
The wind of change started to take momentum long ago. This change is inevitable; it is only a matter of time. It is going to be different from the political changes we have seen so far since 2007 BS. Those political changes were merely on the surface; did not do more than changing the guards.

This time it is profound for the change is being led and implemented by the individuals themselves. It is impossible to stop this change. No one can suppress it because this change is from within. No one can betray this time for one can’t betray the self.

This change is powerful for it is natural. It stands on the core values of life such as human rights, dignity, honesty, responsibility, accountability, compassion and fairness. Those principles of life will remain unchanged despite changes in time, situation and context.

Things happen for a reason. The reason for this change is based on facts – the facts of life. These are the facts of life Nepali people face daily. The facts tell us that our socio-political system should have delivered some vision we all could aspire to. Our democracy could have helped us live a life of dignity and prosperity.

The seeds of this change were sown when the politicians repeatedly ravaged the very oath they pledged to serve the nation and its citizens. The rock of momentum for the change had already begun to gather moss from the very first day when this betrayal was hatched. It has now become so colossal in proportion that it has now become inevitable and unstoppable.

The Agents of the Critical Mass
Enough has already been said and is being said about the state of affairs of our politics. We have time and again seen cyclical trends repeat despite the change of the guards. At one hand we, as a nation, have suffered from the failure of political leadership. On the other hand, ironically this failure itself has been steadily contributing towards building the critical mass.

Some countrymen have had enough of our current politicians. We have lately seen examples of them taking matters in their own hands. The sound of the slap on their face should have reverberated in the ears of our politicians. This seems only the beginning of people starting to act against the pain of dishonesty, betrayal and unaccountability. While the means is condemnable the incidences themselves are hardly any surprise. Critical masses of such citizens who have now become fearless of the consequences of their action against the long ongoing political injustice have been brewing for a long time. The repetitive nature of the injustice has only made the brew more potent.

The new generation of this nation refused to silently hop on the train of failed constitution assembly which vanished without any valid explanation. Nepal Unites movement then made it loud and clear what they expected from the members of Constitution Assembly. More recently, those in Occupy Baluwatar movement have sent a clear message that this generation means business and wants to be taken seriously.

The new generation of this nation are not sitting with their eyes and ears shut. Neither are they going to just accept the injustice being inflicted by the existing political masters. They are gradually coming together to forge political alliances as alternatives to the current political parties. We will see some form of this in the upcoming election.

What Next?
The fire of critical mass for the inevitable change is already gaining momentum. It can’t be extinguished; its course can’t be altered. That is because the fuel that burns this fire is the universal law of nature. Universe and nature itself may decay some day; the universal principles of nature will prevail.

The critical mass will explode when the wick is torched. Nothing will escape the wave of positive energy radiated from the resulting big bang. The resulting positive winds of change will chain react events that will give us opportunity to rebuild a great nation and live a meaningful life. Whether we will seize that opportunity or not, time will tell.

The challenge ahead is - how will the collective of critical masses head towards a positive outcome and a meaningful conclusion? Who will lead this critical mass? The million-dollar question is, “who is going to be that brave change agent to light the wick? When and where?” We can expect to see some answers and some new faces leading such a change in the upcoming election. We shall wait and see.

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