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Volume 3 - The story of international students from Nepal in New Zealand

(Email chain of my communication with the ECAN President)

RE: Nepalese Students in New Zealand
R Maharjan
Wed 30/03/2016 4:43 p.m. Sent Items <>;Cc:NZNA EC <nzna‐>; <>;

Dear Mr Pandey

Congratulations to your for assuming the role of the new leader of the ECAN.
Thank you for your kind response to my message of February 2016. Greatly appreciated.
We will get back to you in a while after we get an opportunity to discuss this in the wider NZNA team and the student community.

Kind regards
Raj Maharjan President, NZNA

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 09:18:25 +0545 Subject: RE: Nepalese Students in New Zealand From:


The Nepalese Community in New Zealand Through Mr. Raj Maharjan

New Zealand Nepalese Association

Re: Nepalese Students in New Zealand

Dear Mr. Maharjan,

Greetings from Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal ﴾ECAN﴿!
I am writing to you in response to your email dated 27th February 2016 titled "ECAN Members' Role and its Impact on Students Coming to NZ" which was received by the previous ECAN Executive Body on the same day.

Firstly, I would like express my heartfelt condolences to the departed soul of Raju Bhandari who met with an unfortunate, untimely death in a faraway land. It has brought pain to all of us here.

I would like to thank you for raising questions on behalf of the Nepalese students in Auckland in particular and the Nepalese student community in NZ in general. We have taken serious acknowledgement of the issues, and I would like to put forth the following points in response.

- that ECAN accepts the existence of fraudulent practices by education agents operating in the Nepalese market but all of them may not necessarily be under our umbrella because there are more than 1200 agents currently in existence in this market whereas we account for only 329 of them who are full‐fledged ECAN members.

- that ECAN has been working closely with the various government bodies in Nepal including the Ministry of Education to train and streamline the work standard of education agents ﴾Education consultancies﴿ affiliated to ECAN as well as others. The recent and ongoing trainings by Training Institute for Technical Instruction ﴾TITI﴿ is a good example of the same. I have attached a certificate of mine or your reference.

- that it has been a longstanding demand of ECAN that the Government of Nepal brings this industry under its regulation as a result of which the Ministry of Education has formulated the “Educational Consulting Services and Language Teaching Directive 2068” in the year 2068 BS which has proved to be a milestone in regulating agents working in this territory and controlling malpractices prevalent in the preceding days. 
Reference:‐consulting‐services‐and‐language‐siksanasambandhi‐directory‐ 2068.html

- that education agency companies have been started to be listed by Ministry of Education as per the guidelines of “Educational Consulting Services and Language Teaching Directive 2068”. Reference:‐consultant‐list‐by‐ ministry‐of‐education‐2071.html

- that ECAN shall endeavor to bring more non ECAN agents under our umbrella so that their pledge to the ECAN Code of Conduct will deter them from indulging in practices we abhor. Reference:‐conduct

- that the current executive committee of ECAN has resolved to conduct a New Zealand specific Training Program for all its members currently promoting NZ education and actively recruiting students for NZ education providers. For this, ECAN shall constitute a team of qualified, highly skilled and experienced agents from within the industry to organize such training programs and provide information to avoid the kind of situations you have quoted in your email.

- that ECAN shall liaise closely with stake holders in New Zealand, including NZNA, as well as Nepal in the days ahead to keep ourselves abreast of the situations on the ground and initiate immediate and appropriate actions against members found to be at fault.

While I personally believe that the number of instances of fraud by agents must have come down now as compared to the previous years because of a combination of factors including the developments mentioned above, there will not be a single hour/day that we not keep our eyes and ears open so that we can act for the welfare of the students as and when the situation demands.

Lastly, please accept my sincere appreciation for the efforts, both individual and collective, of the Nepalese community in New Zealand as well as individuals and agencies with genuine intent in Nepal towards the welfare of the new comers to that beautiful country. 

From this day on, be reassured that there will be one more participant ﴾ECAN﴿ in your folds to share this great responsibility.

Long live the Nepalese spirit of brotherhood!

with regards,

Prakash Pandey President
Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal ﴾ECAN﴿ Dillibazar ﴾Near Batuleghar﴿, Kathmandu, Nepal
T: + 977 ‐ 4422267, 4421487

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