Saturday, 8 July 2017

Road Map (RM) 2 - Intellectual Hub

(Published in the context of my candidacy for seeking the office of NRNA NZ 2017-19)
Nepali community in New Zealand maybe small in number but we are a formidable force in regards to our intellectual capacity.
We have distinguished professors, Senior Lecturers, PhDs, PhD students as well as those with Masters in a large cross section of subject matters and disciplines.
I am of the view that NRNA NZ must rise above the business as usual (events and charitable causes are excellent but we are capable do more than that) and harness the intellectual capacity of our people based in New Zealand.
Under my leadership, NRNA NZ will consider to facilitate creation of an Intellectual Hub in consultation with relevant stakeholders. One of the areas the Intellectual Hub would deliver would be to explore how could we be creative and innovative to assist the NRN initiative of Skill, Knowledge & Innovation (SKI).
I may mention here that, I have already taken a similar initiative in the form of Professionals for Nepal (P4N). P4N is awaiting formal launch in the near future, subject to a few final touches and arrangements.

PS: My candidacy is a journey. Further road maps to be continued...

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